Age is no barrier to better bone health

Age is no barrier when it comes to looking after our bones. Whilst it’s true that the earlier we start looking after them the better, it’s also true that it’s better late than never and there is a lot we can do to support our bones into older age.

What can I do to help my bones if I have osteoporosis?

It can be extremely daunting when faced with an osteoporosis diagnosis, especially because this often comes out of the blue. Breaking a bone can often be the first sign of osteoporosis as this is a silent disease, without pain or warning signs. It is estimated that 3 million people in the UK are living with osteoporosis and there are over 300,000 fractures caused by osteoporosis each year.

Every day, our body builds and breaks down bone. Osteoporosis occurs when the body breaks down more bone than it builds, leading to thin and fragile bones. However, the good news is, when faced with an osteoporosis or osteopenia diagnosis there is a lot we can do to help protect our bones and reduce the risk of accelerated decline. Introducing bone building supplements such as bonebalance™ – which gets to work in just six days – is a great first step.

Being able to take bonebalance™ into older age is reassuring in addition to taking other modifiable risk factors such as diet, exercise and lifestyle to further support our bones:

Diet and nutrition for bone health:

Following a healthy, fresh diet rich in calcium and vitamin D is advantageous for our bones. Leafy greens, salmon, eggs, beans and dairy (low fat) are all good food for the bones. Reducing sugar, alcohol and highly processed foods is also recommended. Keeping a healthy BMI and giving up smoking will also help support bone health, as well as the health of the rest of your body.

Sunshine for healthy bones:

10-15 minutes of sunshine a few times a week will help increase our vitamin D intake, which helps the absorption of calcium and phosphorus which are vital to our bone health. Consider a vitamin D supplement through the winter months when sunshine levels are reduced.

Weight bearing exercise for strong bones:

Weight bearing exercise is excellent for the bones, helping to keep them strong and healthy. Speak with your doctor or local gym about classes suitable for your age and ability.

Why is bonebalance™ helpful to ageing bones?

bonebalance™ is a 100% natural food supplement, specially formulated and approved for the dietary management of osteoporosis and osteopenia, helping to build strong, healthy and flexible bones. It works by stimulating the body’s bone building cells, reducing the cells that break down bone, improving collagen metabolism and improving the bone matrix and bone mineral density.  Our bone tissue can be built up however old we are. So, taking a supplement that encourages this process makes perfect sense.

bonebalance™ has been optimized to be highly absorbed into bone tissue where it can help to stimulate the body’s bone building cells. Its bioactive collagen peptides have been demonstrated in independent studies to start  working within six days (shown by the markers alkaline phosphatase, decorin and elastin all rising significantly after this length of time).

Finally, bonebalance™ is easy to take – even if you’re feeling frail or unwell.  You simply dissolve the flavourless powder in water, tea or coffee and drink it down. It’s really that easy and accessible.  And being 100% natural, you can bonebalance™ every day for as long as you need it.