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About us

Neil and Olli

bonebalance™ is a family business and the brainchild of Neil Wootten Ph.D. and his wife Olli Ricken.

“I knew Olli had some risk factors for poor bone health. Earlier measurements had indicated lower bone density that might lead to osteoporosis later in life,” says Neil who has a Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences. As a scientist, Neil has been developing effective nutritional supplements for 20 years.

“Physical activity is very important to my beloved wife Olli, and having seen her ride a high unicycle and perform acrobatics in her life as a circus performer, I wanted to find a way to increase Olli’s bone density and bone health so that she could be as active as she wants in later life without fear of breaking a bone. Understandably, Olli wants a natural treatment that has no side effects. bonebalance™ was born!

“I knew that the answer was not just increasing bone density, as that leads to brittleness, just as glass can be dense, but will shatter on impact. The Holy Grail was to increase bone matrix and tensile strength, as well as density, which is precisely what bonebalance™ does.

“Current treatments are neither easy nor pleasant to take. I set out to develop a product that would be simple to take daily and have no unpleasant flavour. That way, people are more likely to adhere to taking it each day thus maximising their chance of restoring and maintaining strong, healthy bone.” 

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