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  • bonebalance™’s active ingredient of Bioactive Collagen Peptides® is clinically proven to be bio available (readily absorbed by the body and into the bone tissue). Clinically proven to start working in six days.
  • It is known to help improve the bone matrix to bring bone tensile strength, and flexibility as well as bone density
  • No side effects
  • No contraindications
  • No flavour – no pills – no fuss!
  • Made and distributed in the UK

The specifically formulated Bioactive Collagen Peptides® in bonebalance stimulate bone cells to increase the synthesis of bone components such as collagen.

They have a kind of ‘signalling effect’ on osteoblasts (bone building cells) to counterbalance the breakdown of collagen in the bone matrix. In addition, bonebalance slows the degeneration of bones by reducing osteoclast activity.

The result is a considerably better formation rate of collagen-rich bone matrix and, therefore, bone density. Clinical trials have shown increases in bone density of up to 5.5% in the vertebrae, and 7.7% in the hip.

bonebalance™ is a flavourless powder which you simply dissolve in water, juice or hot drinks.

Categorised as a Food For Special Medical Purpose (FSMP) for the dietary treatment of osteopenia and osteoporosis, you can take bonebalance safely each day without prescription to boost your bone health.

Growth Plate diagram

As we age, collagen production declines. By the age of 55 over 15% of the body’s capacity to produce collagen has gone. That makes it difficult to rely on our body’s ability alone to keep collagen levels optimal. The high-quality Bioactive Collagen Peptides® in bonebalance™ have been clinically proven to help offset osteopenia and osteoporosis, especially after the menopause.


The high-quality specific Bioactive Collagen Peptides® (BCP) found in bonebalance™ have been optimized to be highly absorbed into bone tissue and to stimulate the bone cells by:

  • Signalling the osteoblasts (bone building cells) into action
  • Reducing the activity of the osteoclasts (bone breakdown cells)
  • Slowing down the action of bone degenerating enzymes (proteases)
  • Increasing the rate of bone mineralisation to speed up the bone formation process
One month / 30 servings

£29.99 + P&P

Three months / 90 servings

£89.97 £75 + P&P

Six months / 180 servings

£179.94 £135 inc P&P

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