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Scientific Literature

There exists a wealth of scientific research and papers from across the world relating to the benefits of collagen – and specifically bioactive collagen peptides – in respect of bone health.

This broad selection of scientific literature supports the rationale for bonebalance™ which comprises the FORTBONE ingredient produced by Gelita.

Bioactive Collagen Peptides® found in bonebalance™ start to work in 6 days

This is shown in the 2016 König D, Oesser S. Report on the study “Impact of specific bioactive collagen peptides (FORTIBONE®) on the bone mineral density in postmenopausal women”. This key section highlights this point.

FORTIBONE® – the one and only ingredient of bonebalance™ – brings bone density improvements that are clinically significant and compare favourably with prescription drugs.

These are the findings of the Konig 2021 paper ( itself a follow-up to the Konig 2018 paper which stated the ‘Clinical trial showed a 4.2% higher BMD in the spine and a 7.7% higher BMD in the femoral neck (hip). This compares favourably with prescription treatments.

After taking FORTIBONE for four years, participants in the trial showed a 9.99% relative improvement in bone mineral density in their spine and 11.91% relative improvement in their hip.

The Konig 2021 paper concluded  ‘Although further research is needed, specific bioactive collagen peptides (FORTIBONE®) could offer an innovative therapeutic approach for a long-term osteoporosis treatment with good tolerability without the potential side effects of some forms of drug treatment.’

Further evidence in support of the rationale of specific Bioactive Collagen Peptides® as used in bonebalance ™ can be found in these studies. Please contact us if you would like further explanation or clarification.

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