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Here is a selection of testimonials we have received from bonebalance™ customers.

bonebalance is my number one choice when it comes to supporting my bone health and also when recommending it to my clients who come to me with bone health issues. I like that it has great research behind it and that it can be taken longer term without any potential side effects. It comes in a form that is easily absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract ready to be utilised by bone tissue. As a powder, it’s easy to take in a glass of water, but my favourite way is adding it to my morning smoothie."

I broke my elbow falling downstairs and needed an hour's operation and a metal plate put in it. I was advised to double my daily dose of bonebalance to speed the recovery and my surgeon was very impressed with how rapidly my elbow healed. I'm convinced bonebalance helped!”

I was shocked and very upset when my recent Dexa Scan showed I have osteoporosis in my hip and even more upset by the prescription drugs the doctor wanted to give me. I think I’ve found the answer with bonebalance™ which is all natural without any of the nasty side effects. I am so happy with bonebalance™ and take it every day. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

I’ve been taking bonebalance™ since getting my osteopenia diagnosis last year. It has no flavour and I’ve added it to my bottle of water, mixed with porridge and stirred it into smoothies. I love the fact that it’s a natural product with no nasties and I have total faith in it!”

Fourteen years ago, aged 52, I broke my ankle in three places and was warned that at -2.5, my bone density was low. On seeing my results, my GP handed me a prescription for bisphosphonates with little discussion! I went home and researched the medication but wasn’t happy to read about its possible side-effects. I resisted taking it then and since yet wanted to do something to help my bones. So, you can imagine how delighted I was to find bonebalance™!

“I am taking bonebalance™ daily in my morning cup of tea; it’s so easy to take and flavourless. My new GP was interested to hear about this natural supplement and quizzed me about this "medical grade food" as it's her position in the practice to advise pre and post-menopausal women on their bone density. After I’ve been taking bonebalance™ for a year or two, I hope to have the courage to get my density tested once again.

“I’m 66 now and walk an hour daily, often on hills, and enjoy Pilates, yoga classes and bodyweight sessions. I also still love to dance - particularly Irish Ceile - which involves lots of hopping and jumping. “Thank you so much for developing this worthy supplement: it has given me a very safe yet innocuous bone health treatment which, in turn, has given me the confidence to keep active and keep dancing for many years to come.”

I am so relieved to have found bonebalance(TM) and intend to stay using this every day for as long as live. I stir it into my morning coffee and it has now become my ritual. Thank you for making it so easy to take something totally natural that can help me."

I’ve been using bonebalance™ for over a year now. My latest DEXA scan showed a great improvement and I won’t be without bonebalance™ now! It’s really gentle on my stomach and so easy to take. I would recommend this to anyone with osteoporosis – it’s worth every penny and is money well spent.”

I’ve just had the results of my Dexa scan which shows I've reversed my osteoporosis! My numbers have come down from - 2.9 to - 2.5 so I’m now borderline osteopenia in my spine. I’m so pleased that by combining bonebalance with HRT and regular yoga practice have brought this great improvement!”

I’ve been taking bonebalance™ for just over a month. Already I think it's made a difference and I have less pain around my pelvic area. I'm so pleased to find a natural product as I hate side effects from medication. I’ve just ordered three more boxes and will definitely keep taking this!”

I fell off a path and went over on the side of my foot fracturing the 5th metatarsal. I was shocked when my consultant warned it would be very difficult to heal and might not heal at all… I was over the moon when I returned 3 months after the fracture to be told it was healed. I've been taking bonebalance for a year and have no doubt it helped the healing.”

“I was diagnosed with this horrid osteoporosis disease four years ago, aged 67, after I broke my ribs and shoulder in three places after a low fall. Sadly, after another fall just a year later, I broke my other shoulder!

“I’ve had infusions to help my bones and am doing everything I can to stay fit and well, including having a total hip replacement five months ago in January 2022. I started taking bone balance seven months ago – two months before my surgery. The operation was a great success and the surgeon said my bones were strong.

“I will be taking bonebalance for the rest of my life!”

I have osteopenia and also coeliac disease so wanted to find something to support my bone health that my digestive system would tolerate. bonebalance™ looks really promising and is so easy to take. I’m hopeful that when I have my next DEXA scan in two years’ time that my bone health will have vastly improved.”

I’ve been pain free and can even sleep on the once far too painful hip since taking bonebalance™ so I just couldn’t be without it now! The fact it has no side-effects and there are no difficult procedures to take it is another big bonus. Rest assured, I tell anyone and everyone (including the doctors) how good it is.”

I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in 2021, aged 57, when I had a DEXA scan following a consultation around an unusual bone formation in my ankle. I had no symptoms of osteoporosis so was surprised to receive this diagnosis. I was warned that if I didn’t take action, in 10 years’ time I’d be at real risk of a hip fracture.

“I immediately took steps to manage it, adding Vitamin D and extra calcium to my diet. I’m dairy intolerant so can struggle to get enough calcium so I take a supplement. My GP put me on medication but it upset my stomach and digestion which are both very sensitive! I consulted a naturopath to find an alternative route and around the same time came across bonebalance™. My naturopath agreed it looked interesting and worth a go.

“By the time I had my follow-up Dexa scan I’d been using bonebalance™ for just over a year. The consultant said my scan showed a ‘magnificent change’ in my spine to the point I’m no longer considered to be osteoporotic.

“I won’t be complacent however and will continue with bonebalance™, taking it each day to safeguard my bones.”

After a double fracture of my left wrist following a fall, a DEXA scan in 2023 revealed osteoporosis and I chose bonebalance over medication to help me. A year later, I slipped on ice and fell with my right wrist bearing the brunt. Despite extreme bruising, I didn’t break any bones! My chiropractor said that is the proof the collagen is working. Thank you!”

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